Expat Recruitment Solutions

ERS offers uncompromising professionalism in its efforts to match the ideal candidate and employer while ensuring maximum suitability and satisfaction to both parties. ERS’s services cover the entire recruitment process from interviewing and validation to selection and placement.  With over a decade of professional experience in Saudi Arabia, the founders of ERS understand that Saudi can often be a challenging environment to navigate for those unfamiliar with its unique and adventurous cultural lifestyle.  Therefore, ERS provides unparalleled post-placement support to help selected candidates adjust and thrive in their exciting new placement.

Why Go Abroad?

Although not always easy, leaving the comfort zone of your home country and studying or working abroad can often lead to both personal and professional growth. You will inevitably be exposed to new foods, languages, religions, cultures and traditions. As you settle into your new role, you will learn to master the valuable skill of adaptability, which is vital in today’s workforce. Additionally, you will begin to develop an international network that will prove to be invaluable in today’s global marketplace. Depending on where you are placed, many expats find themselves on an accelerated path to financial freedom with generous vacation packages, allowing them to travel the world or go home to visit family multiple times a year. .

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