About Expat Recruitment Solutions

About Expat Recruitment Solutions

Expat Recruitment Solutions (ERS) is a full-service recruitment company that offers uncompromising professionalism in its efforts to provide elite services to its clients, while simultaneously connecting students and professionals with life changing opportunities in a country other than their own.

ERS’s mission is to break down barriers and promote globalization through the movement of students and professionals across borders. In pursuit of this mission, we aim to empower these individuals with personal and career growth by providing valuable international education and work experience opportunities.

ERS offers placement services for both students and professionals. Our company was started in July 2019 when we answered the need for more healthcare professionals within the Middle East market. Since then we have expanded our services to the educational industry and work to place educators in high demand teaching vacancies around the world. In addition, we partner with US universities to fill their international student programs with young professionals that are eager to enhance their education with international experience.


Our Mission

To connect our international clients with the most qualified professionals in healthcare and education, and to empower those professionals to further their careers while gaining valuable international experience in their respective fields.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider for international employers looking for industry professionals, and to be the preferred service provider for healthcare and educational professionals seeking international work experience.

Our Core Values


We are honest with our clients, candidates, and partners and uphold the highest level of ethical and moral standards.


We value each connection we make in this business and treat every individual with respect.


We love what we do and illustrate our energy and enthusiasm in every action.


We believe that good communication is key to building long-lasting relationships, therefore we maintain clarity and openness in all of our interactions.


We build professional communities that support each other every step of the way in order to make the process of hiring and working internationally enjoyable and productive for all those involved.

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